Client: HOM Film Co.

Date: 2019


HOM Film Co: Cody Hadden, Jed Roberson, Tanner Morrison


Special Thanks: Brian Hartley, Dakota Adney, Jonny Strellman, Rachel Morrison, Rachel Schofield, Grace Owens, Connor Hadden, Blake Hunter, Chadwick Trentham, Sean Gabel, Liam Smith, Pen & Public, Atlantic Records, CCV


Music: “Hand Covers Bruise” by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross


HOM Film Co. is a full service production company that crafts emotionally driven and cinematically crafted work. We aim to create visually stimulating films that exist to help brands expand their reach.

Our all-inclusive team is comprised of creatives who have worked with brands that are changing the landscape of digital content globally. These are some of the visuals that we’ve had the pleasure of capturing over 2019.